Watch Match of the Day (MOTD) Live Stream Abroad

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Watch Match of the Day (MOTD) Live Stream Abroad

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Football wouldn’t be football without watching Match of the Day on BBC iPlayer on a Saturday evening. The weekly catch-up and review programme is the only way to digest the weekend's football action.

Beebs is here to help those searching for a guaranteed way to watch MOTD online from overseas. This specialised chrome extension is your ticket to streaming Match of the Day, no matter where you are in the world.

Follow These Steps to Watch Match of the Day Live on BBC iPlayer From Anywhere:

  1. Use Chrome Browser
  2. Install Beebs
  3. Go to BBC iPlayer

If you need any assistance when it comes to signing up an account with BBC iPlayer, read our detailed guide for more info. Also, if you're still not convinced you should download Beebs, continue reading and see what else you get besides the live stream of Match of the Day overseas!

A Classic Clip from MOTD

Beebs has been developed to extract the best aspects of VPN technology so that subscribers can have all the positives and protections of a VPN but without the downsides. So Beebs users can tune in to the live showing of English football highlights show each week without worrying about losing access.

Once you've finished catching up on the football action via Match of the Day online via the BBC's catch up service, you'll be able to not only stream English TV shows on BBC iPlayer, but you can also take your pick from anything showing on All4 and ITV Hub.

Match of the Day's Premier All Time XI

The Best Football Catch-Up Show

Having been aired on the BBC for more than fifty years (since 1964!) and with legendary Gary Linekar as the longest standing host (he’s been doing this since 1999!). It goes without saying that streaming Match of the Day is must throughout the Premier League season.

Linekar is supported in his review and punditry by a collection of analysts, with support from Jermaine Jenas, Danny Murphy, Alan Shearer, and Ian Wright. Special guests include both past and current players to keep the analysis sharp.

When is Match of the Day on?

You can soak up all the Premier League highlights on the MOTD stream from 10:35pm UK time on Thursdays at live on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. There is also a repeat of the show at 7:45am scheduled for Sunday mornings.

Streaming MOTD, English Football, Live News & British Telly

If you love streaming football, there's also Match of the Day 2 which follows a similar format to MOTD but is broadcast on Sunday evenings from 22:30.

Hosted on BBC Two by Mark Chapman, the Match of the Day 2 broadcast showcases the football highlights and is followed by post-match interviews and tactical analysis, giving a deep dive that is unmissable for football fans. Feel free to watch Match of the Day 2 Online wherever you are in the world.

Croke Park is the stadium of Dublin. It’s the home of Gaelic Athletic Association (as you can see on the banners) and Gaelic games. The day I visited it, Prince Harry had been there few hours before and he walked on that grass. It’s something unusual because of the conflicts between UK and Ireland!

Download Match of the Day & Watch While Travelling

The BBC iPlayer allows you to download shows before you leave the house so you have something to watch when you're travelling. You could be flying to Italy for a holiday and still be able to witness all the football highlights on Match of the Day.

Streaming Match of the Day is one thing, but how about live football on the go? The BBC has gained broadcast rights to certain fixtures from the FA Cup. This was a huge victory for those without access to satellite TV.

It isn't planned very far in advance, so check the TV guide to see if and when the BBC iPlayer will be broadcasting live English football. There is also plenty of live sport on the BBC that can be accessed using Beebs.

Final Words

If your team is playing while you’re out of the UK and you’re not able to locate a bar or other venue showing the game, your best alternative is to streaming Match of the Day live and watch your team’s highlights (and maybe low-lights) via BBC iPlayer. Get your hands on Beebs and you’ll never have to worry if your holiday conflicts with important football matches again!

Frequently asked questions

The best way to watch Match of the Day when abroad is with the Beebs extension. Beebs utilises the best in VPN technology to access all of your favourite British channels no matter where you live.

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

Simply install the Beebs extension

Get Beebs for Chrome