How to Register an ITV Hub Account when overseas

How to Register an ITV Hub Account when overseas

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Can I watch ITV Hub abroad?

Being an overseas fan of British television has always been a struggle. This was especially true if you wanted to watch the latest ITV productions. We're talking about shows such as Love Island, the final season of Broadchurch, or the ever entertaining Britain's Got Talent.

Those living in the UK have enjoyed access to ITV Hub for years, giving them the opportunity to watch all the best ITV shows at anytime they want.

What if, instead of dealing with the monotony and stupor of finding ITV shows online, you could watch them at any time, from anywhere in the world— all in the one place? This is where Beebs steps in.

Once you subscribe to Beebs, not only do the shows on ITV Hub become available to be streamed, but also all the programming on  All4 and BBC iPlayer. The following guide is the last step needed to gain access to ITV Hub.

Let's get underway, shall we?

Don't Have Access to ITV Hub? Follow these steps:

From there we can get started with our guide below!

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Why do I need to register for an ITV Hub Account?

Even with Beebs in your Chrome Browser, you are still required to register for an ITV Hub account. The ITV Hub registration is a new feature that was implemented to improve user experience, customer support, as well as well as a means to boost security for the service.  If you fill in the registration page correctly, it will be no drams.

How do I register for an ITV Hub Account?

Even if you are not based in the United Kingdom, here's how you fill in the ITV Hub registration:

Step 1: ITV Registration Page

Go to the ITV Hub registration page. On this page you will find a number of boxes that you will need to fill before you can proceed.

Step 2: Fill in Details

There's quite a bit to fill in here. The first thing to do correctly is to input an email address that you have access to. This will ensure that you will not lose access to ITV Hub in the future if you ever need to login again.

Step 3: ITV Postcode

This is the most important stage in the registration process. In the "Postcode" section of the form, you will need to put in a valid UK postcode for ITV to be satisfied. An example of a UK postcode would be L4 0RG.

You can watch ITV Hub abroad – here's what we recommend!

This guide has been curated to help those who have already gone ahead and subscribed to Beebs. So if you are living overseas or travelling abroad and want access to ITV Hub as well, follow the quick and easy steps above.

This is a show that we feel that everyone will enjoy. The Masked Singer UK has been a massive success story for ITV. Their unique version of the show has been a huge hit in Britain and has turned into an unmissable show in Season 2.

The Masked Singer UK takes the singing competition television genre and turns it on its head. We don't want to say too much about the show, but be sure to stream The Masked Singer UK Season 2 on ITV.

Okay, so we may have tickled your curiosity with The Masked Singer UK, but how about something completely different. How about something from the vault–a classic ITV series that is still going strong to this day. You know the one we're talking about–Coronation Street.

Even after the show aired its landmark 10,000th episode last year, the iconic British soap opera seems to defy the odds and continue to be one of the best British shows around. You can stream current Coronation Street on ITV Hub.  

All in all, it is very easy to register for an ITV Hub Account from overseas. It all starts with Beebs.

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Simply install the Beebs Extension on Chrome

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