How to Watch The Change Online From Anywhere

Luke Alexander
How to Watch The Change Online From Anywhere

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Ever wanted to pack it all in to live a hermetic life in the forest? In The Change, we follow 50 year old Linda (Bridget Christie) as she hits the menopause and decides to finally take a bit of time to herself.

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Official Trailer - The Change

Linda zips up her leathers, hops on her motorbike, and embarks on an unusual adventure to find a tree from her childhood. As the days unfold, Linda ends up finding so much more than she bargained for. Check out the trailer and see what type of things Linda gets up to.

Trailer - The Change

What Is The Change About?

Bridget Christie writes and stars in this fun and refreshing comedy which centres the experience of a middle aged woman who is, quite rightly, fed up doing everything for everyone else. Linda (Christie) keeps decades worth of binders full of chores, tracking exactly how many minutes she’s spent on unpaid labour — cleaning, scrubbing, organising and fixing.

It’s no surprise that her clueless husband Steve (Omid Djalili) struggles to function in her absence. Eager to put things right, her sister Siobhan (Liza Tarbuck) tracks her down and berates her for abandoning her responsibilities as a wife and mother. Siobhan thinks Linda should stop indulging her own desires and come home to take care of Steve, the kids and the house because ‘it’s what women do, what women have always done.”

The commentary about stereotypical gender roles and the expectations placed on women, particularly of Christie’s generation, is very on-the-nose, but it drives the narrative forward effectively.

Cast of The Change

From the eel and mash cafe owners (Susan Lynch and Monica Dolan) to a right-wing bird-watching DJ (Jim Howick), the twilight-zone-esque characters and the small-town idiosyncrasies create a sense of the uncanny. It’s like a less terrifying and more heartwarming Inside No. 9. The characters work harmoniously with Christie’s quirky and perceptive brand of comedy, and you can’t help but be drawn in by their weird and wonderful relationships to one another.

This star-studded series gives us the talented Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones) as ‘Pig Man’ and the wonderful Tanya Moodie (Motherland) as Joy, amongst other big names including Richard Durden and Amanda Lawrence.

How Can I stream The Change on Channel 4 FRom Abroad?

The Change is available to stream in the UK on Channel 4. Those living outside the UK can access Channel 4 by easily installing Beebs to their internet browser. Watch episodes live or on-demand with no restrictions.

How Many Episodes of The Change Are There?

There is one season of The Change consisting of 6 episodes, all available to stream on Channel 4. All episodes can be accessed via Beebs.

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Final Words

Get ready to suspend disbelief and go down a rabbit hole with this strange but sweet tale of self-discovery. With a great cast, original story and off-beat humour, The Change is well worth a watch for those that love English comedies.

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

Simply install the Beebs extension

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