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Watch George Michael: Outed on Channel 4 from Anywhere

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Available to stream on the Channel 4 streaming service, George Michael: Outed is an incredible documentary which puts the spotlight on what could have been a career-crushing event for the global superstar.

Instead the documentary reveals how George Michael turned this event into a defining moment of gay liberation. In 1998, pop star George Michael was arrested for a lewd act in a Los Angeles public toilet. Watch how we responded.  

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George Michael: Outed is available to watch in full on the All 4 streaming website. Beebs is the best and easiest way anyone can access this original doco.

Trailer of George Michael: Outed

George Michael: Outed sets the scene. The Wham! superstar's secret was finally out after being arrested in Los Angeles. The reaction in the press is more horrible than one could imagine. Despite the press claiming the whole story a "Shame". George wasn’t ashamed, and he would not apologise. View the trailer and see how it plays out.

Official trailer of George Michael: Outed

The Wham! Icon at His Lowest Point

As detailed in the trailer above, this Channel 4 documentary delves into the fallout after George Michael's arrest for lewd conduct in an LA public toilet in 1998.

The documentary reveals the horrific treatment the Wham! icon endured by the tabloids and the broader media. It showcases the pop star's mentality in this time and how he managed to turn his perceived ‘shame’ into something positive..

Powerful, challenging and haunting; George Michael: Outed is unmissable television, even for those who are not a fan of the singer. This is arguably the best television documentary of the last year. Sign up to Beebs to start watching Channel 4 from outside the UK.

Final Words

Even if you're not a fan of George Michael or his legacy, the response to watching George Michael: Outed will be the same as a die-hard fan. The programme unveils the injustices the singer had to deal with during his stardom. Watching this will make you love him even more than you do.

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