Watch Episodes of Guilt (British Series) on BBC iPlayer From Anywhere

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Watch Episodes of Guilt (British Series) on BBC iPlayer From Anywhere

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Guilt is taking a final bow. The Edinburgh based crime series bids farewell with the brothers Max and Jake reunited, career-best acting, and an exciting plot with plenty of twists and turns.

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Trailer for Guilt Series 3 (British TV Series)

As seen in the trailer below, the thriller and mystery series from the BBC will take viewers on a final wild ride. These last episodes are set to be a fine ode to what’s been a gripping and series on BBC Two.

Trailer for series 3 of Guilt

The Final Story in the Trilogy

In the landscape of Scottish television, Guilt has stood out from the crowd from the beginning. As such, the BBC drama needs a spectacular final season. This is necessary to do justice to all the thrilling drama that had come before. The four part third season will see the return of the characters Max and Jake.

It is a story that will range from Chicago to Scotland, as they seek a final redemption. As they battle threats both old and new, it remains to be seen whether they get the happy ending they crave, or whether life conspires against them one more time.

The second series of Guilt ended with Max joining Jake in Chicago, having left a trail of deception behind him. As they return to Scotland, it becomes apparent the welcome they receive isn’t as warm or as straightforward as they might have hoped. Expect dynamite chemistry between Mark Bonnar Jamie Sives as they effortlessly deliver the cleverly written dialogue.

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Final Words

The creators are aiming to give Guilt the finest possible farewell. The BBC has given them a chance to wrap up the story of Max and Jake how they wanted. Expect hair-raising and edge-of-the-seat moments in the final story of the trilogy. Here's hoping for an incredible climax to the show, giving this glorious thriller-drama gets the utterly fitting send-off it deserves.

Those wanting to catch up on past episodes of Guilt can do so via the BBC iPlayer streaming website. Once viewers have binged all there is to see, they'll find plenty more quality in the iPlayer catalogue, including episodes of Sherwood.

Frequently asked questions

Every episode of the final season of Guilt is available to stream on BBC iPlayer. This streaming service can be unlocked with Beebs, a simple Chrome Extension which gives users access to UK channels from anywhere.
There are 4 x 60 minute episodes in the final season of Guilt. All episodes will can be found on the BBC iPlayer streaming platform.

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

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