Battlestar Galactica stream on BBC iPlayer

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Battlestar Galactica stream on BBC iPlayer

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A Cult Show on BBC iPlayer

Battlestar Galactica isn't your average Sci-fi. With its complex characters, interweaved storylines, and deep mythology, there's so much for streamers to enjoy if they give this show a chance. The series, which ran for 4 seasons between 2004-2009, is a re-imagining of the original but short-lived Battlestar Galactica television series which originally aired in 1978. Many will have heard of this classic TV show but have not had the chance to see it for themselves.

Even in this incredible era of video-on-demand where there are so many TV shows available to be streamed with a single click, it can be hard to find the shows that you want since they are often shared amongst the many streaming service providers. For those wanting to stream Battlestar Galactica, we have good news for you. The show is now available to stream in full on BBC iPlayer.

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The BBC iPlayer will reload and begin to work, and you can watch from outside the UK.

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What is Battlestar Galactica about?

A War between Humans and Androids

Battlestar Galactica chronicles the journey of the last surviving humans from the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, who suffered nuclear annihilation by the Cylons (man-made androids). These survivors, led by President Laura Roslin and Commander William Adama, travel across the galaxy looking for the long-lost Thirteenth Colony known as Earth. The Cylons pursue them with intent on wiping out the remnants of the human race.

The stories of Battlestar Galactica deal mostly with the apocalyptic fallout of the destruction of the Twelve Colonies and the moral choices the survivors must make as they deal with the decline of the human race and war. They also portray the concept of perpetuated cycles of hate and violence driving the human-Cylon conflict. Religion and the implication of a "God" is acts as an underlying  storyline within the show.

What makes Battlestar Galactica so special compared to other Sci-fi shows?

Beyond CGI and Space Battles

If you were asked to remember your favourite Sci-fi moments found in films or TV series, what would you think of?  While we are quite sure that the epic space battles with incredible CGI might drift back to your consciousness, we're more convinced that it was the heartfelt and human moments which you feel the most nostalgic.

Battlestar Galactica may have a lot of depth and complexity to it, but it's the humanity of the show that really makes you linger and want to absorb more. While it may have a mostly strange setting, the show encompasses the positives and flaws of humanity which makes the characters and story so relatable.

What other Sci-fi TV shows are on BBC iPlayer?

Repeated Viewing on Beebs

Just like any good movie or TV series, Battlestar Galactica is a show that rewards viewers when watched multiple times. Whether you are tempted to do it straight away or need a larger break, this is a show that can be watched again and again.

The beauty of Beebs is that you have the flexibility to watch Battlestar Galactica at your own pace from wherever you are in the world. No longer does someone need to fork out money for a box set of DVDs, the show is available once access to BBC iPlayer is unlocked.  

Beebs also hosts many other new and classic Sci-fi TV shows. One of the all time best British TV shows is Doctor Who is available to stream on BBC iPlayer. Season 13 of Doctor Who is in the works with episodes being released throughout 2021.

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Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

Simply install the Beebs extension

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