How to Watch Wolf (TV Series) on BBC iPlayer

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How to Watch Wolf (TV Series) on BBC iPlayer

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In an isolated house in the country a family find themselves the victims of a terrifying psychopath's cruel games. The crime-thriller Wolf depicts a deliciously bloody, twisting race against time.

The six-part British television miniseries is based on the Jack Caffery novels by Mo Hayder. Episodes launch on the BBC iPlayer streaming service from 31 July.

Steps to Stream Full Episodes of Wolf:

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Official Trailer of Wolf (BBC TV Series)

Life is full of surprises. A gruesome shock for a wealthy family, and a young detective with horrors of his own. Wolf unfolds with a series of astonishing twists and insane revelations. The creator's unconventional approach sets Wolf apart in the genre. Check out the trailer to see what we mean.

Trailer for Wolf on BBC iPlayer

About the Upcoming Crime Thriller

The six-part crime thriller Wolf is coming to BBC One and BBC iPlayer. Written and adapted by Megan Gallagher, the series is based on Mo Hayder’s acclaimed Jack Caffery novels.

Ukweli Roach stars in the lead role of DI Jack Caffery, a young man searching for himself. The inspector is obsessed with a neighbour who he believes murdered his 10 year-old brother in the 1990s. Trying to find out the truth and right the wrongs of others will come at a cost to both himself and others.

The Anchor-Ferrers arrive at their Monmouthshire home, only to be met by a gruesome surprise. They become the victims of a psychopath’s cruel games, trapped and terrorised. In London, DI Jack Caffery receives a clue that could lead him to their rescue. When the two narratives collide, it’s a thrilling, nail-biting and deeply disturbing race against time.

Final Words

The BBC been absolutely smashing it out of the park when it comes to producing high-quality television crime thrillers. It feels like there's a new "must watch" series from the public broadcaster every other day. Those who love these types of programmes would be mad to miss out on binging the full season of Wolf. If you're on a thriller kick at the moment, we can also recommend streaming The Woman In The Wall, a haunting series based on the the legacy of one of Ireland’s most shocking scandals.

Frequently asked questions

The full British thriller miniseries Wolf will be released in full on the BBC iPlayer streaming service online. This streaming service can be unlocked by Beebs, which can be installed at the Chrome Store.

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