How to Watch The Power of Parker Online From Anywhere

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How to Watch The Power of Parker Online From Anywhere

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The Power of Parker is a sparkling comedy with a stellar cast which takes us back to the not-so-glory days of 1990s Stockport, where smooth-talking Martin Parker is trying to keep his business afloat and his (in some cases literal) affairs in order. Unfortunately for Martin, things don’t go quite as planned.

The Power of Parker is available to stream on BBC iPlayer from 28 July. Install Beebs to your browser to gain full access to episodes in an instant.

Steps to Stream Episodes of The Power of Parker Online:

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Official Trailer of The Power of Parker

It's Manchester, 1990, and Martin Parker is about to get his comeuppance. The Power of Parker plots his downfall at the hands of all those he's screwing over with his lust for money, sex and success. As is shown in the trailer, it all kicks off straight away.

BBC Trailer for The Power of Parker

What Is The Power of Parker About?

Despite the bravado, it’s all going wrong for Martin Parker - played by Conleth Hill who recently starred in Derry Girls and Holding. The entrepreneur, who owns a chain of electrical stores, is desperately trying to maintain his grip on the wonderful, flashy life he’s built.

But as his debts mount, his affair with his mistress starts to unravel, and Britain moves out of the yuppie era and into a new decade, it’s clear he's in over his head. When those he’s rubbed up the wrong way have the chance to bring him down, hilarity ensues. Thankfully, his downfall is comedy gold and nothing if not deserved

Written by Sian Gibson and Paul Coleman — both of who are known for their work with Peter Kay — the script is full of wit and wry observations. As you might expect, cringe worthy moments are not in short supply. From the clothes to the cultural references, The Power of Parker is a fun blast of nostalgia — but the comedy is as fresh as it is funny.

Final Words

Whether you remember the ‘90s or simply feel like you do (thank you TikTok), you’ll appreciate the weird and wonderful world of The Power of Parker. It’s light and easy while engaging enough to keep you bingeing the next episode, then the next. This is a much-watch for fans of classic British comedy, and a great opportunity to see yet another side of the endlessly talented Conleth Hill. Give it a watch!

Frequently asked questions

The Long Shadow is available to stream in the UK on BBC iPlayer. Those living outside the UK can access BBC iPlayer by easily installing Beebs to their internet browser. Watch episodes live or on-demand with no restrictions.
There are 6 episodes (first series) of The Power of Parker available to stream on the BBC’s streaming site BBC iPlayer. You can access all episodes via Beebs now.

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

Simply install the Beebs extension

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