Where to Watch Ten Pound Poms (BBC Series) Online

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Where to Watch Ten Pound Poms (BBC Series) Online

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Ten Pound Poms has been one of our most anticipated TV shows for 2023. For a cost of only £10, 1950s Brits were promised a new start in Australia. But life down under isn’t all sunshine and beaches...

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Official Trailer of Ten Pound Poms (TV Series)

Under the assisted migration scheme, hundreds of thousands British citizens chose to move to Australia in the 1950s. Struggling with their new identity as immigrants, the trailer captures the courage and determination of those who uprooted their entire lives and try to adjust to a new life in a new country.

Official BBC trailer of Ten Pound Poms

A Story of Finding a New Home in Australia

Ten Pound Poms is a six part drama series which tells the story of a little-known part of British and Australian history. This programme not only shows the varied and unique experience of being a new Australian, but it also explores the rich history of the immigrant families and the place they call home.

The assisted migration programme was set up in a post-war Britain in 1956. Many thousands left their dreary lives to embark on a life-altering adventure on the other side of the world. Costing only a tenner, they have been promised a better house, better job prospects and a better quality of life by the sea in sun-soaked Australia. But life down under isn’t exactly the idyllic dream the new arrivals have been promised.

At the heart of the BBC One programme is the Roberts family. Arriving full of dreams and hopes for adventure, they discover things aren't as easy as they first thought. Poor living conditions at the migrant hostel and local attitudes towards immigrants test their resolve. The series focuses on Kate, a young nurse, arrives without her fiancé and will do whatever it takes to try and rewrite her devastating past. Bill has lost his family business back home and is so desperate to prove he’s living the Australian dream.

Ten Pounds Poms is a big bold character piece about what it means to start again. The brand-new original drama series is created by BAFTA-winning Danny Brocklehurst (Ordinary Lies). Being a co-production between BBC and Stan, Australian BBC viewers can tune in to the series easily.

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Final Words

The BBC are always trying to bring something new and exciting to the table, with Ten Pound Poms being no different. The small-screen entertainment for Spring from the public broadcaster is shaping up to be the best in recent times. There are many exciting new series to look forward, such as the true crime drama Steeltown Murders. So sign up to Beebs, get comfy on the couch, and explore the many quality programmes on iPlayer.

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The brand-new original drama series Ten Pound Poms is available in full on BBC iPlayer. This can be accessed by anyone from any location by installing the Beebs extension to a Chrome browser.
Ten Pound Poms is a 6x60 minute drama series seen online on BBC iPlayer. Those wanting access outside the UK can do so with Beebs.

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

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