Where to Stream Episodes of Juice (BBC Series) Online

Luke Alexander
Where to Stream Episodes of Juice (BBC Series) Online

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Juice is a surreal comedy starring Mawaan Rizwan and Russell Tovey which follows Jamma and his quest for attention as he navigates chaotic family dynamics and literally stumbles through love.

All episodes of Juice have been made available on BBC iPlayer from 18th September. Install Beebs to your browser to access the streaming site from any location.

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Beebs subscribers gain a pass to the watching content on BBC iPlayer, including brand new releases from BBC 3 such as Juice. Be sure to remember to sign up to BBC iPlayer to ensure access at any time.

First-Look Trailer for Juice

The below clip shocases the latest offering from the mind of Mawaan Rizwan. According to the programme's press release, his new comedy is completely surreal, with the focus of the series being on Jamma and his chaotic life. Check out the trailer below to see what it's all about.

Official Trailer for Juice

About Juice

Following a successful pilot, the BBC has ordered a full series of Mawaan Rizwan’s comedy Juice, which will go to air on both BBC Three and iPlayer. The six-part series is the dream project of Nabhaan Rizwan who has recently shown to be an established actor as well as a popular comic.

The comedian plays Jamma, who desperately wants to be the centre of attention, but his family are constantly stealing his thunder. Basically, it is about a guy who loves attention and makes everything about himself.

The hugely ambitious show even has Rizwan’s real brother Nabhaan and mother Shahnaz playing versions of themselves. Russell Tovey steps into the role as Jamma’s boyfriend, while comic Jeff Mirza plays his father.

Thing start off with Jamma's flawed attempt to impress his boss. He sneakily uses his brother for a market research session at work, but his plan backfires. Meanwhile, mum's fixation with divorcing dad shifts Jamma's attention to saving their marriage and there’s a surprising confession from his boyfriend.

Who doesn't love a sweet glass of OJ? Didn't think so.

Final Words

There have been some incredible BBC Three programmes in recent times. Juice is just one of many TV projects that have been given an opportunity to be made for screening on the public broadcaster's smaller channel. If you're in the mood for something similar, we can recommend streaming episodes of Grime Kids.

Frequently asked questions

The new series Juice will be released in full on the BBC iPlayer streaming service online. This TV streaming service can be unlocked by Beebs, which can be installed via the Chrome Store.

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

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