How to Watch ITVX From Abroad

Luke Alexander
How to Watch ITVX From Abroad

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

Simply install the Beebs extension

Get Beebs for Chrome

We've created the best and easiest way to watch ITV Hub from anywhere. Keep reading to find out why Beebs is better than the rest!

If you are abroad on a holiday or business trip, it's normal to want access to your favourite television channels. Only issue is that everyone located outside the UK is blocked from accessing websites like ITV Hub and BBC iPlayer.

Even Brits who pay for a TV licence are denied access. It's not personal, it's due to rights issues. No matter where you are located in the world, UK television is just a click away.

Follow these Simple Steps to Watch ITV Hub Abroad

  1. Download Chrome Brower
  2. Install Beebs
  3. Head to ITV Hub

Once you have followed the 3 steps, you'll be streaming your favourite ITV shows directly in no time. Just remember that you'll need to register for an ITV Hub account. Here's our guide should you get stuck.

Watch ITV live with Beebs

3 Reasons Why Beebs is the Best Option to Access ITV Hub

We may be slightly biased, but Beebs is the best choice for those wanting to stream their favourite British television from outside the UK. We could go on forever as to why we think so highly of Beebs, but here are the three main reasons to choose Beebs.

Stream Brand New Episodes

No more delays. Whether you're a fan of Coronation Street, Midsomer Murders or Love Island, you'll be tuning in at the same time as it drops in the UK. Stream new episodes of the biggest ITV shows live when they air, or catch up on demand in your own time.

Those who rely on services like Britbox or Acorn TV are forced to wait months to catch up with UK households. Plus, certain television shows on ITV Hub never make their way to these platforms.

Stream episodes of Love Island when Abroad on ITV Hub

Live Sport with English Commentary

ITV continues to gain the rights to domestic and international sporting events. Recently the broadcaster teamed up with the BBC to show every match of the 2020 Euro Championship, breaking all sorts of viewership records in the process.

In 2021 and beyond, ITV and BBC iPlayer share the broadcast deal for the FA Cup football which will mean households can view English football on free to air television. Watch live TV coverage of your favourite sport with English commentary just like you would in the UK.

FA Cup football live stream on ITV

Technical Support on Hand

Beebs has always been the easiest way for streaming UK Television since no technical knowledge is needed on the subscribers end. Simply install the extension and your device will be streaming ITV, Channel 4 and the BBC in no time.

If you run in to any trouble, Beebs support is there to help you. Plus, we always appreciate users who notice any issues with the ITV Hub website, or if there are any streaming bugs.  

Other ways to watch ITV Hub Abroad

If you remain unconvinced about Beebs, let's run through some of the other options out there to unblock ITV when outside of the United Kingdom.

Pay for ITV Hub+

It is now possible to subscribe to a package called ITV Hub+ if you are visiting or live in the EU and have a British bank account and have a valid UK residence.

It will cost £3.99 per month, and will let users download shows ad-free onto an iPhone or iPad so they can watch offline.

The package was originally devised just to be used in the UK and gave subscribers advert-free content. However, the pesky European Parliament passed a law in 2017  meant any online service purchased in a EU country had to be available when a person was travelling or working in another EU member state.

We shall see how the ITV Hub+ service will be impacted post Brexit since UK firms will no longer have to follow the European Parliament's regulations.

Get a Free VPN to Unblock ITV

It is likely that you may have heard of a VPN (short for Virtual Private Network) since it is easily the most common option for those aiming to access geo-blocked websites.  

Most do the obvious: pay for a VPN and hope it works unblocking ITV. But even those who fork out good money may find it doesn't do any good. They then miss out on new episodes of their favourite TV shows. Or they miss the unmissable football match. Trip ruined.

It is uncommon to find a live stream of ITV Hub on the web, so choosing a VPN is an obvious backup plan. Though finding a free VPN that accesses ITV Hub isn't so easy since these tools are designed to gain access to a wide variety of websites, rather than specialising in accessing UK TV websites specifically.

These days most VPNs are fairly reliable. However, the free VPNs are obviously less likely to gain users access to all the sites they wish to navigate. All in all, choosing a free VPN for UK TV isn't a fool-proof option.

Purchase a Premium ITV Hub Unlocking VPN

Higher quality VPNs come with the opportunity to be safe online and are usually hassle free. Besides gaining access to blocked sites, a premium VPN has other benefits such as high level of security and anonymity.  

It must be said that even premium VPNs do not guarantee to unblock ITV Hub, so choosing the correct VPN is critical. It may be a case of trial and error before finding the best one out there.

A further downside to a VPN is that it can slow down your internet connection. One reason for this is simply the distance. If your connection is slow from Spain, Greece or Turkey - imagine how slow it will be to watch in America, Thailand or Australia.

Frequently asked questions

Those using an iPad can access ITV Player by following these steps. First, use Google chrome browser. Then go to Google chrome store and install the Beebs extension. Head over to ITV (unlocked by Beebs) and register. That's it!
There are no reliable free options to watch ITV Player when abroad. However, a low-cost alternative that is guaranteed to work is Beebs. It's a one-click solution for those who want to watch ITV shows from anywhere in the world.

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

Simply install the Beebs extension

Get Beebs for Chrome