How to Watch Black Ops (Comedy Series) on BBC iPlayer

Luke Alexander
How to Watch Black Ops (Comedy Series) on BBC iPlayer

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There are a handful of BBC comedies to keep you laughing throughout Spring,   Black Ops being the pick of the bunch. The comedy-thriller is about hopeless community support officers Dom and Kay infiltrating a drug gang.

You can stream the entire series online on BBC iPlayer from 5 May 2023. Access to this streaming platform is made quickly and easily by installing Beebs yo your internet browser.

Stream Episodes of Black Ops (BBC Series):

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Beebs subscribers gain a pass to the full catalogue of programming on BBC iPlayer from anywhere. No longer is the streaming platform restricted to UK residents only. Just remember to register with the iPlayer site. Follow this guide for more details of the quick and easy process.

Trailer for Black Ops (BBC TV Comedy)

Prepare for some serious belly laughs. BBC Studios has long been the home of British comedy, and it looks to have been a masterstroke handing creative license to Gbemisola Ikumelo and Akemnji Ndifornyen. Add Black Ops as another BBC original comedy to binge.

Who said infiltrating a criminal gang was going to be easy? Check out the trailer below and see why it's got us excited to stream.

Trailer | Black Ops (TV comedy series)

An Original Comedy-Thriller Series

A super-watchable new comedy awaits. The six-part comedy thriller has been created by BAFTA award winning actress and writer Gbemisola Ikumelo and BAFTA award winning actor and producer Akemnji Ndifornyen.

Black Ops is the story of Dom and Kay, who join the Met Police in the hope of cleaning up their community. Prior to their new role, they had jobs as community support officers. This job predictable and low-risk, with neither displaying any outstanding qualities to possibly be capable of something more. However, they are unwittingly thrust into the murky world of deep cover infiltration as they become part of a powerful criminal enterprise. But for Dom and Kay it quickly becomes more of a fiasco than Donnie Brasco.

Black Ops logo

Final Words

The BBC and the show's creators have made a television production that combines roller coaster adventure with beautifully observed character comedy. The multi-talented creators also used the backdrop of institutional racism, misogyny, and homophobia in the Metropolitan police and somehow made it work as a comedy.

There are also some other comedy programmes to watch out for. From sitcoms to dark comedy, you're sure to find something you'll really love on iPlayer. One that will put a smile on your face and possibly have you laughing hard is The Cleaner Series 2.

Frequently asked questions

The new series of Black Ops is available for streaming on the BBC iPlayer streaming platform. This platform is usually blocked to international visitors. However, just install Beebs to your browser to unlock the service from anywhere in the world.
There are 6 x 30 minute episodes of the comedy-thriller series Black Ops, with the entire catalogue of episodes made available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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