How to Watch Murder Is Easy Online Without Limits

Luke Alexander
How to Watch Murder Is Easy Online Without Limits

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It’s that time of year again — get ready for another Agatha Christie extravaganza with Murder is Easy. The programme stars the wonderful David Jonsson (Rye Lane), who takes the role of unassuming investigator Luke Fitzwilliam.

In this BBC adaptation of the classic novel by Christie, we visit a sleepy post-war English village where a surprising number of suspicious deaths are occurring in very quick succession. Festive? Maybe not. But it wouldn’t be Christmas without Christie.

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Official Trailer - Murder is Easy

Newly arrived in England, Luke Fitzwilliam unexpectedly finds himself investigating a series of suspicious deaths, determined to prove that they are not accidents but murders. Wet your appetite for this murder mystery by viewing the trailer below.

Trailer of Murder is Easy

What is Murder is Easy About?

Over two suspense-filled episodes, Fitzwilliam tugs at many loose threads to unravel the mystery of the murders, while dealing with racism, classism and small-town narrowmindedness. The mother of the whodunit has built a narrative that sucks you in, and it has been brilliantly brought to life on screen by director Meenu Gaur.

In episode one, Fitzwilliam is on his way to start a new government job in Whitehall when he meets the charming Miss Pinkerton (Penelope Wilton). Sadly, not long after sharing that she’s on her way to inform the met that there’s a murderer on the loose, Miss Pinkerton meets a grizzly end. It’s now up to Fitwilliam to carry the gauntlet and get to the bottom of the suspicious deaths.

He arrives in the village where the murders have been taking place, quickly infiltrating the village’s upper class circle full of questionable characters. Murders — and clues — come thick and fast. In episode two, all is revealed — though not before yet another murder rocks the sleepy village and leaves Fitzwilliam doubting himself and those he’s started to trust.

Can I Stream Murder is Easy on BBC iPlayer from Abroad?

Murder is Easy is available to stream in the UK on BBC iPlayer. Those living outside the UK can access BBC iPlayer by easily installing Beebs to their internet browser. Watch episodes live or on-demand with no restrictions.

How Many Episodes of Murder is Easy Are There?

There is one season of Murder is Easy consisting of 2 episodes, all available to stream on BBC iPlayer. All episodes can be accessed via Beebs.

Final Words

Fans of Agatha Christie or the whodunit genre in general won’t be disappointed by this fresh take on the novel. A surprisingly easy and entertaining watch with a stellar cast, it’s come at just the right time (when we’re all glued to the couch).

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

Simply install the Beebs extension

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