How to Watch BBC iPlayer From Canada

How to Watch BBC iPlayer From Canada

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Simply install the Beebs Extension on Chrome

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Here's our quick guide explaining how easily you can watch BBC iPlayer from Canada.

Trying to watch the BBC iPlayer is problematic from Canada because the BBC has set up their catch up service to be only accessible to people living in Britain. Given the popularity of BBC shows in Canada, and now with the disappearance of BBC Canada, it's incredibly frustrating for Canadians and expats who cannot access the shows that they want.

The good news is that British content is accessible for Canadians. That is, if you know how to do it. In this guide, we will run over the options that are available in Canada to stream the BBC and other British TV series.

Let's get straight to the point!

If you are here to start watching TV shows on BBC iPlayer from Canada right now, follow these steps:

  1. Start using Chrome Browser
  2. Install Beebs
  3. Head over to BBC iPlayer

Once you've completed the steps listed above and registered for BBC iPlayer, you can start watching BBC iPlayer straight away from anywhere within Canada. Happy viewing!

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So, how could you stream BBC TV shows from Canada?

Option 1: Subscribe to Britbox

It was once quite easy to watch shows from the BBC on cable TV by tuning into BBC Canada. However, with the recent shutdown of BBC Canada and subsequent launch of its replacement service, tuning in to watch BBC TV shows in Canada is a little different.

British TV on-demand is no longer a pipe-dream for Canadians with the launch of Britbox which offers selected content shows from the BBC and ITV. Subscribers pay $8.99 CAD per month and have access to selected current and classic boxsets for viewing on-demand. Though it must be said that the programming on Britbox is lacking when it comes to newer content since these shows are released to the BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub platforms first.

Premium new shows are also distributed to other bigger platforms such as Netlfix or Amazon since they can pay more money for them. Britbox does not give Canadians full access to all programmes to watch on BBC iPlayer but you will likely receive the most popular shows at a later date.

Option 2: Purchase a VPN

There are a number of ways to stream the BBC iPlayer service in Canada. A popular method is to buy a virtual private network (VPN). Using a private connection the VPN can mimic your location so it appears you live in the UK, not Canada, where everyone can watch the BBC iPlayer. You may have to have a small amount of technical knowledge to set one up and keep it maintained. Another downside it that it will slow your overall internet experience down. Most VPNs do not specialise to access British TV channels so buying a highly rates VPN is essential. These will usually set you back roughly $100 CAD per year.

Option 3: Download the Beebs Chrome Extension.

So, what is Beebs exactly? It is Chrome Extension that functions much like a normal VPN, unlocking sites that are usually geo-blocked. You can add an extension to your browser in a couple of clicks and be watching the BBC iPlayer from Canada in seconds. The extension acts as a proxy server to spoof your IP address and will show that you are based in England. Canadians can subscribe to Beebs for $49.00 CAD per year ($4.08 p/m).

Another big positive for those using Beebs is the offline mode. Since you have access to BBC iPlayer on your computer you can use BBC iPlayer Downloads which is an application you can install on your computer to download programmes from the BBC iPlayer website. You can download programmes from the website then watch your favourite programmes in the application when you're offline.

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With Beebs locked and loaded in your browser, you are ready to start binging the best new British TV shows you've been missing out on.

With over 5.3 billion streams across all content on BBC iPlayer in 2020, the BBC iPlayer proves once again that it is an essential part of the TV landscape in the United Kingdom. If you want to get a taste for what the locals are tuning in to. below is a list of the top 10 most-streamed series on BBC iPlayer from last year.

The Top 10 most-streamed series on BBC iPlayer

1. Normal People

2. Killing Eve

3. MasterChef

4. Strictly Come Dancing

5. The Split

6. Silent Witness

7. The Secrets She Keeps

8. Life

9. I May Destroy You

10. This Country

After something a little different? Stream classic British TV shows in Canada with Beebs.

If new British TV shows are not your thing, then why not take a pick from one of the many classic TV series which are available to stream on BBC iPlayer when overseas? There is a huge list of classic English TV shows available, but we always find ourselves going back to Blackadder, The Vicar of Dibley and Yes, Minister.

Frequently asked questions

The simplest way of accessing BBC One from Canada is by downloading Beebs. This is a Google Chrome Extension which unblocks the UK channels from outside the UK.
Unfortunately it's not possible to download the BBC iPlayer app when outside the UK, however anyone can access the iPlayer streaming service on their laptop or computer with Beebs.

Access the Best British VPN

Simply install the Beebs Extension on Chrome

Get Beebs for Chrome