How is it free?

Beebs is free.

But running proxy server infrastructure isn't cheap. That's why we cover our costs with affiliate links. This means that when you purchase something online Beebs receives a small payment from the service provider.

It works like this: say you install Beebs and are watching your favorite show on Netflix. You see and ad for an iPhone on an online store and you click it. You end up buying that iPhone through that store and when you pay, the store knows that Beebs was installed in your browser. The store recognizes this and pays us as an affiliate.

Don't worry, Beebs does not track any of your personal data and does not tamper with any of your content. We believe in our mission and use affiliate links to make the internet more open for our users.

If you would not like these affiliate links on your extension, there is an option to purchase Beebs Premium.