How to stream You Don’t Know Me on BBC iPlayer from anywhere

Luke Riley
How to stream You Don’t Know Me on BBC iPlayer from anywhere

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Just as the holiday break is about to get underway, our favourite public broadcaster is set to release another gripping TV crime drama to keep us content inside and glued to our devices.

You Don’t Know Me is a four episode drama series which tells the gripping story of a man who is in the frame for murder. Despite the overwhelming evidence against the young man, he is forced to take drastic actions to prove his innocence.

The mini series will premiere on both BBC 1 and BBC iPlayer on 5 December 2021 in the UK. Be sure to mark the release date down in your calendar, it could turn out to be the most important day in the month.

This is how to stream episodes You Don't Know Me TV Series on BBC iPlayer:

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  3. Head over to BBC iPlayer

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The trailer for You Don’t Know Me is here!

BBC Trailer: You Don't Know Me on BBC iPlayer

A young man from London stands in court, accused of murder. Despite the overwhelming evidence against him, he swears he’s innocent. But in the end, all that matters is…Does the jury believe him?

The trailer looks fantastic, but viewers should be very confident in the quality of this upcoming programme for another reason. The TV adaption of You Don’t Know Me has been in very good hands ever since it was announced by the BBC, having been taken on by the team behind the record-breaking drama Vigil.

This is the same team of creators that brought us Line of Duty, so it’s safe to predict that You Don’t Know Me looks destined to be another winner for the public broadcaster.

What is You Don’t Know Me about exactly?

The programme is based on the crime novel of the same name written by former barrister Imran Mahmood. The novel’s voice was inspired by the author’s 25 years experience of working as a barrister in the UK.

The barrister-cum-author has a word of advice for those about to watch the TV adaption of his work: He warns viewers not to “Jump to conclusions” - no matter how convincing the evidence may be. The series will test how and why people make the assumptions they do about others, and why they are often misplaced.

Hero is a law-abiding car salesman from south London who has been accused of the murder of a young boy. Episode 1 of You Don’t Know Me begins the story right in the middle of the court case when Hero is standing in the dock fighting for his innocence. The persecution barrister has damning evidence against Hero, with the jury hearing that police have found blood under Hero’s fingernails and firearm residue on his skin.

Facing what looks like a losing battle, Hero decides that he wants to tell his own story. He fires his own barrister and tells everyone present in the court that he is innocent. Hero shares a very different sequence of events that he hopes will prove he is not guilty of the crimes he is accused of.

Who is in the cast of You Don’t Know Me?

As is evident in the trailer, the BBC mini series has a talented cast of made up of both familiar faces and newcomers. British drama fans may recognise the lead from watching ITV's thriller Angela Black which hit screens to much fan-fair during Autumn.

The BBC had confirmed early in production that the immensely talented Samual Adewunmi will star as the lead role fittingly named Hero. Newcomer Sophie Wilde will take on the second lead, playing Hero’s love interest Kyra.


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