How to Watch The Great British Menu on BBC iPlayer

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How to Watch The Great British Menu on BBC iPlayer

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You're never short of quality cooking programmes if you have access to iPlayer. Britain's best streaming service is always serving up a banquet amount of content for cooking show enthusiasts.

The programme highlights the best of British cuisine with top chefs from across the country putting their hearts on a plate. Not only is it about the culinary skills on display, but often

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Trailer: The Great British Menu

The Great British Menu is our first choice for U.K cooking programmes. and showcase amazing culinary talent. Who will get to cook for a spectacular banquet? Catch up on all the best episodes on iPlayer.

Trailer of Great British Menu Series 15

What is The Great British Menu About?

When done well, a cooking programme can show not only exceptional culinary skills and delicious dishes, it can also showcase great human-driven stories. The Great British Menu achieves this seemingly every season.

Now in its seventeenth season, the premise of the show is simple. The Great British Menu sees top British chefs compete for the chance to cook one course of a four-course banquet. The theme of the competition in series 17 was Great British Broadcasting.

This coincided with the 100 year anniversary of the BBC beginning radio broadcasts. The banquet was held at Alexandra Palace, London, which was the historical location of the BBC's first television broadcast in 1936.

Not only are there new top chefs in the kitchen, but there are new faces  series also saw a whole new judging panel with Ed Gamble, Nisha Katona and former GBM champion Tom Kerridge joining the programme. Andi Oliver has thankfully remained host.

‘Spring Dumpling’ by the French chef Laura Le Sort

Final Words

From MasterChef UK to Gordon Ramsay's Future Food Stars, the best cooking programmes constantly bring new flavour and heat to the genre. The Great British Menu is no different.

The listed programmes are some of the finest examples of the cooking genre out there, and they are all available iPlayer. And like most of the BBC's franchises, it's incredibly easy to start watching new and past episodes on iPlayer.

Be sure to check The Great British Menu streaming schedule via the iPlayer website and never miss an episode when it goes live!

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