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Watch Every Episode of Suspect on All4

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Based on Danish series Forhoret, Suspect is a classic Whodunnit from Channel 4 which employs Scandi noir tropes to tell a dark and unnerving tale. In this chilling series, nothing is at appears, and no one is as they seem.

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The Plot of Suspect

James Nesbitt plays disillusioned detective Danny Frater, who we first meet in a mortuary, discussing the supposed suicide of a Jane Doe with pathologist Jackie (Joely Richardson). It soon transpires that the body under the white sheet is that of his estranged daughter, Christina (Imogen King). Far-fetched? Perhaps. But it’s also a gripping premise which begins a rollercoaster ride of intrigue and mystery.

Like all good Scandi-noir protagonists, Danny goes off-book. In each episode, he interrogates a new potential suspect, the dynamic between the two forming the core of the story. He follows one lead after the next, discovering an array of ‘unsavoury’ characters who know more than they initially let on, in an attempt to uncover the truth and find justice for Christina.

The Channel 4 television drama series guides us through a seedy underworld of strip clubs and drug deals, while exploring themes of trauma, mental health, and identity. Ultimately, it’s a fairly straight-forward crime procedural that isn’t afraid of being more than a little bleak at times.

Frequently asked questions

The scandi-noir inspired series Suspect is available to stream in the UK on All4 streaming. Those outside the UK can access this service with Beebs, which is a one-click download that unlocks UK TV channels.
The release date for Channel 4’s Suspect was June 19th, 2022. All episodes are now available to stream on All4.
Besides Nesbitt and Richardson, the cast is full of A list names. Anne-Marie Duff and Richard E. Grant star alongside Ben Miller and Niahm Algar to bring this dark thriller to life.
The series is made up of eight episodes, each lasting half an hour.

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

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