Stream Unforgotten TV Series on ITV Hub

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Stream Unforgotten TV Series on ITV Hub

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Here's how you can stream British TV dramas like Unforgotten online via ITV from anywhere.

Whenever anyone asks what we recommend to watch on ITV, we're quick to answer with Unforgotten. It's a show that didn’t achieve high viewership straight away, but has developed a following over the years as more came to learn of its brilliance.

And while it might not get the attention like some of the other dramas found on ITV, make no mistake, Unforgotten is certainly a series worth committing to. The fourth season has recently concluded, and there is more to come with ITV quick to renew the show for a fifth batch of episodes.

Whether you want to stream Unforgotten for the first time or get up to date on the action, all that needs to be done on your end is subscribing to Beebs. Click the link and you'll be watching episodes in no time.

Follow these simple steps to binge-watch episodes of UK TV dramas on ITV Hub from overseas.

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Series 4 of Unforgotten

Unforgotten has become one of the best UK TV projects of 2021. One of the reasons for programme's success is its cast. Nicola Walker is very good but the real draw here is arguably the best performance of Sanjeev Bhaskar’s remarkable career.

Unforgotten season 4 of finished its run on ITV in March but has remained to stream on ITV Hub. We hope that the broadcaster will re-upload and make series 1-3 available to us fans.

The release date for series 5 of Unforgotten has not been confirmed as of yet, but we can expect the first episodes to launch around mid to late 2022.

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Beebs subscribers can catch brand new episodes of the following TV dramas when they arrive. Plus there are also a handful of past episodes for those needing to catch up.

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Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

Simply install the Beebs extension

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