Stream Top Gear Series 29 on BBC iPlayer

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Stream Top Gear Series 29 on BBC iPlayer

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Without giving us a chance to take a breath, the boys are back at it again as Top Gear gets underway with Series 29 airing on BBC One and on-demand via iPlayer.

We are more than pleased to welcome back Chris Harris, Paddy McGuinness and Freddie Flintoff to our screens for more fast cars and out-of-this-world challenges.

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Watch Full Episodes of Top Gear Series 29 on BBC iPlayer outside the UK:

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The Beebs Extension will redirects all your BBC requests. Your web-browser, having reloaded, will now be able to stream iPlayer. This will work from anywhere overseas.

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Trailer for Season 29 of Top Gear

Check out the trailer of Top Gear series 29, then you're free to watch full episodes on BBC iPlayer!

Trailer for Top Gear Series 29 on BBC One and iPlayer

Who is hosting Top Gear Season 29 on BBC One?

New hosts, same old Top Gear. It goes without saying that the new hosts have revitalised the series with their escapades, banter and heart-felt moments. If the revitalisation wasn’t obvious to some, the fact that the show is now aired on the prestigious Sunday evening slot on BBC One is evidence enough for us.

Just like it had been in the past, the team behind Top Gear have cemented themselves as essential viewing on Sunday evenings for British households. The Clarkson, Hammond, and May era now seems long ago as the new hosts Paddy, Freddy and Harris have proven to be great hosts with an undeniable chemistry.

For those who have yet to see episodes of Top Gear with the new hosts, we definitely advice subscribers to take the time to stream BBC One and check them out for themselves.

Stream BBC 1: The Home of Top Gear

What can we expect from the lads on Top Gear?

Well, it looks like the production team are cashing in on the bigger budget. From the sneak-peaks we’ve seen from the trailer and other Youtube clips, it looks like the imaginative stunts the series is known for are back bigger than ever in Series 29.

One such stunt is referred to as the 'Wall of Death', which apparently caused genuine fear and an adrenaline rush for the threesome. This gravity-defying vertical drive was undertaken on a purpose-built cylinder which meant the boys were feeling up to four times the effects of normal gravity. It really is something which has to be seen to be believed.

And what would Top Gear be without crashes involving expensive sports cars? We are aware of a very big crash involving Paddy and a Lamborghini Diablo which occurred when he was attempting to hit 200mph in the high-powered vehicle.

Even though it has been less than a year since we last saw the trio on our screens, we can’t wait to see what this series has install for us. The weather is getting progressively worse so what better way to spend your time than watching friends joke about and race cars?

Frequently asked questions

Top Gear Series 29 can be found on BBC iPlayer which can be unlocked internationally by the Beebs Google Chrome Extension. This is a simple download to your internet browser through which you can access the whole catalogue of the BBC content.

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

Simply install the Beebs extension

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