How to Watch MasterChef UK on BBC iPlayer

Luke Alexander
How to Watch MasterChef UK on BBC iPlayer

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If you’ve ever watched an episode of MasterChef UK, you’ll know how addictive this competition can be. We love to see it all. The hits and misses. And, of course, the complete culinary failures.

For those based outside the United Kingdom but want to start streaming new and past episodes of Masterchef UK online, we've made it possible get access to the BBC iPlayer streaming service.

Don't miss out on new episodes of Masterchef UK by installing Beebs!

Follow these simple steps to watch MasterChef UK 2022:

  1. Start using Chrome Browser
  2. Install Beebs
  3. Head over to BBC iPlayer

The three steps above shouldn't take you long at all. All that's left to do is registering with iPlayer and then the MasterChef episodes can start!

Once you've caught up on the cooking action, there are plenty of challenge competitions to find on BBC. Be sure to check out The Great British sewing Bee which aims to find Britain's Best Amateur Sewer.

The British content doesn't end with the British broadcaster. Beebs is your ticket to watching British TV channels which also includes ITV Hub and Channel 4.

Masterchef UK 2021 trailer

The UK's Best Cooking Show

The MasterChef challenges, which seem to become more creative with every season, are always embraced with enthusiasm by the contestants. Most who enter the kitchen are extremely competitive, but they were also respectful and open to learning.

Really great personalities is not enough to make a competition show worth watching, but it does help with a show like this. And, it's got to be said, MasterChef UK has some of the most likeable and entertaining hosts/judges on television.

Even when the season of MasterChef UK concludes, there is always plenty of content being churned out by the BBC to keep us entertained in the down period.

We've really been spoilt for choice this year for additional cooking content. If you're looking for a light-hearted but addictive show to stream, we have to put forward Celebrity MasterChef UK.

A staple on BBC iPlayer is MasterChef: The Professionals. The show continues to evolve as the judges aim to reveal the talents of Britain's best chefs. In addition, the BBC also holds the rights to stream episodes of the equally as entertaining MasterChef Australia.

When is MasterChef UK 2022 Starting?

MasterChef UK 2022 ran from 23 March - 5 May and had 21 episodes in total. All of these episodes can be found on iPlayer those needing to catch up.

The celebrities who took part in 2022 include: Richard Blackwood, Melanie Blatt, Jimmy Bullard, Paul Chuckle, Nancy Dell'Olio, Chris Eubank, Kirsty Gallacher, Danny Jones, Katya Jones, Lesley Joseph, Kae Kurd, Gareth Malone, MoJo, Cliff Parisi, Adam Pearson, Clarke Peters, Kitty Scott-Claus, Lisa Snowdon, Ryan Thomas and Faye Winter.

A massive highlight in season 2022 was during the episode in which the final three must cook at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London. Chef Gordon Ramsay, like we saw in Future Food Stars, is both a guiding force and a harsh critic when needed to get the best out of the competing chefs.

Frequently asked questions

New and old episodes of Masterchef UK are found online at BBC iPlayer. This streaming service is usually exclusive to UK residents, but this can be bypassed by using a Chrome extension called Beebs. This dedicated tool unlocks all British TV content in a couple of clicks!
The best way to watch Masterchef UK in the US and Canada is by unlocking the UK exclusive streaming service called BBC iPlayer. By installing the Chrome Extension called Beebs, every new and past episode of Masterchef UK can be streamed straight away!

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

Simply install the Beebs extension

Get Beebs for Chrome