Stream Adult Material on Channel 4 from Abroad

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Stream Adult Material on Channel 4 from Abroad

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Episodes of the British television drama Adult Material are available to watch on Channel 4. Here's how you can stream them from anywhere.

This brand new miniseries from Channel 4 is destined to cause controversy and draw complaints from viewers.

Starring English actress and playwright Hayley Squires, Adult Material is a new series launching in 2020 on Channel 4. And just as the title suggests, this is a series curated for mature eyes only.

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Do these steps to watch Adult Material on Channel 4 outside the UK:

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Channel 4 is one of the few public broadcaster that isn't afraid to push the envelope of what's possible to be aired on free-to-air television. So, see what the fuss is all about by downloading Beebs!

Trailer for Adult Material (Channel 4 Series)

If you're flirting with the idea of streaming Adult Material, but not sure if you want to commit, be sure to check out the trailer for the series below.  

Porn on telly

It's safe to say that lot has changed since the beginnings of television in the United Kingdom. Broadcasters were so restricted in the early years that even showing a married couple in the same bed caused controversy when it finally happened in the 1950s.

Even for modern audiences, the premise of Adult Material is in itself confronting. Described as a 4-part drama with comedic elements thrown in the mix, Hayley Squires plays Jolene, a woman who juggles being a mother of three and a popular porn star.

The story picks up with Jolene being introduced to a new girl called Amy (Siena Kelly) while on set at a porn shoot. Being only 19 years old, Amy isn't much older than Jolene’s daughter, Phoebe (played by Alex Jarrett). Jolene tries her best to look after Amy the way that she looks after every new girl on set. The problem is that she can’t always protect Amy from her own choices.

The series, which had been in the works for nine years, examines elements of an industry which is rarely highlighted in the main stream television. Channel 4 is showing people a world that they have never seen before, but in a way that is digest-able and relatable. The first episode is out now and is already fuelling conversations in the press and on online forums.

Frequently asked questions

Every episode of Adult Material can be found online on All4 streaming service. Usually this site blocks international viewers outside the UK, but this can be bypassed by using a Chrome Extension called Beebs.
There are four 45-minute episodes of Adult Material in its first season. All four-parts of the series can be found online at Channel 4's streaming service All4. Access this service from abroad with Beebs.

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

Simply install the Beebs extension

Get Beebs for Chrome