Best Way to Watch the BBC Documentary "Parole" Online

Luke Alexander
Best Way to Watch the BBC Documentary "Parole" Online

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A new criminal justice documentary series takes audiences deep into the heart of the Criminal Justice System in the United Kingdom.

Presented by Rob McKeon, the five-part series by the BBC goes behind the scenes inside the high-stakes world of parole hearings. Viewers see real life hearings and learn how boards decide whether offenders should stay in prison or be released.

The first goes to air on 20 February 2023 on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer. Subscribe to Beebs to gain access to every episode from anywhere overseas.

How to Watch Parole on BBC iPlayer:

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  3. Head over to BBC iPlayer

Follow the three easy steps to unlock the full BBC documentary Parole. When logging in to BBC iPlayer for the first, remember to sign up and give your details to ensure full access at all times.

Official Trailer of Parole (BBC Series)

Every year in England and Wale there are around 16,000 criminals that are considered for parole before the end of their sentence. Roughly 4,000 are released in communities on average. For those curious about how the criminal justice system makes these important decisions, have a look at the trailer below.

Trailer of Parole (BBC TV series)

About the BBC Factual Series

Parole will provide insight into the UK criminal justice system in a way never seen before. The five-part series, goes inside the high stakes world of parole hearings, where prisoners’ and victims’ and/or their families’ futures hang in the balance. The consequences of getting it wrong are huge.

Rob McKeon is the perfect person for presenting this programme. The former BBC presenter is now a Parole Board member and panel chair. Rob and his film crew spent over a year with Parole Boards from across England & Wales, gaining unique to those directly involved in the process.

Parole members, prisoners and some of the victims/their families provide their own voice and help to answer the fundamental questions underlying the British justice system. Right at the centre of the debate are questions about crime, punishment, reform, rehabilitation, repentance, and morality. The episodes of this series can be enjoyed on the BBC Two live telecast or on demand via the BBC iPlayer streaming website.

Final Words

Few countries are responsible for as many ground-breaking documentary series as the UK. Parole adds another one to the extensive catalogue. With full access provided by Beebs, there are plenty of documentaries available on BBC iPlayer to choose from. Those intrigued by crime will find no shortage of original programming to binge.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, The Dangerous Rise of Andrew Tate is a must-watch for those curious about the polarising public figure who is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons at present.

Frequently asked questions

The best place to watch the BBC documentary Parole from outside the UK is on BBC iPlayer. This can be done by installing a Chrome Extension called Beebs. This is a dedicated tool that's designed to unlock content found on BBC iPlayer.
There are 5 episodes in the BBC documentary series Parole. The whole series can be streamed online via the BBC iPlayer platform.

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

Simply install the Beebs extension

Get Beebs for Chrome