Love in the Flesh: A Rival to Love Island to Stream on BBC iPlayer

Luke Alexander
Love in the Flesh: A Rival to Love Island to Stream on BBC iPlayer

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In a time when more relationships develop and exist online than ever before, the BBC's new dating series Love in the Flesh sets out to see what happens when couples meet face to face.

Streaming episodes of British reality TV has never been easier. If you'd like to binge new episodes of Love in the Flesh when they drop on BBC iPlayer, here's what to do...

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How to Stream Full Episodes of Love in the Flesh from Outside the UK:

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Once Beebs is locked and loaded into your browser, you will be able to stream BBC player on demand. When Love in the Flesh comes to air on BBC 3 and iPlayer, you'll be one of the first outside the UK to stream them.

Trailer for Love in the Flesh

The Host, Contestants and Concept of Love in the Flesh

British reality TV star and model Zara McDermott will host Love In The Flesh on BBC Three. Zara, who appeared as a contestant on Love Island, will act as a confidante and a guide for contestants and will unpick wider themes relating to dating.

The concept for Love In The Flesh is straight forward. Real-life potential couples who have already formed relationships via dating apps and social media will meet for the first time in the real world.

Instead of meeting in a regular setting in their home town, contestants will be whisked away from the pressures of daily life and screens to explore any potential relationships in an exotic location.

Throughout the series, the couples learn from each other, take on challenges to explore different sides of their relationship and discuss the differences in their dating behaviour when there are no filters and no screens to hide behind.

Release Date For Love in the Flesh

The BBC has announced the release date for the first season of Love In The Flesh. The first episode will air on Wednesday March 23 at 10pm on BBC 3 and BBC iPlayer.

We have our eyes on the BBC's socials, so we'll be quick to update when we know of any extra info.

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The Growing List of British Dating Programmes

People have been quick to make the comparisons between Love In The Flesh and another ITV reality programme. Love Island was a streaming sensation again with the programme dominating TV ratings (especially in the millennial demographic).

The incredible ratings and cultural impact of Love Island would have been the envy of the other British channels, so it was predictable that they would try and emulate the success. Also on BBC Three is the gay dating series I Kissed A Boy, which is certainly destined to be popular with audiences.

Another dating show that has taken inspiration from the Love Island concept was Ready to Mingle. The programme also appears on ITV and was obviously commissioned by the network as an attempt to keep streamers tuned in to ITV Hub during the break between Love Island seasons.

Frequently asked questions

It is possible to watch Love in the Flesh on BBC iPlayer streaming service online from anywhere. Install Beebs to watch every episode of Love in the Flesh.
Americans who want to start watching every episode of Love in the Flesh can do so by accessing the BBC iPlayer website. This is done by going to and installing the extension to your browser.

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

Simply install the Beebs extension

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