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Taking us back to the early 2010s and into the world of his uni days where cheap booze and bad music abound, Big Boys is a semi autobiographical comedy based on comedian Jack Rooke’s life.

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Trailer of Big Boys Series 2

They're back! Jack and the gang enter their second year at uni, facing eye-opening gay encounters, dodgy work experiences, and drastic lifestyle changes. Check out the freshly dropped trailer for series 2 of our fav comedy-drama. Take a gander at the trailer and see what's to come this year.

Trailer | Big Boys Series 2

What is Big Boys All About?

With episodes available to stream on All4, Big Boys is a British comedy series from the creative mind of writer and stand-up Jack Rooke. With a typical coming of age format, our protagonist Jack, played by Derry Girls’ Dylan Llewellyn, starts out as a socially awkward, unworldly, but instantly likeable ‘nerd type’, whose life is wryly narrated by the real Rooke.

In season one we watch as he struggles with the recent loss of his dad, managing his grief with peak-2010 morning TV, consuming a rosta of This Morning, Jeremy Kyle, and Loose Women in the company of his mum Peggy (Camille Coduri).

After deferring from university for a year, Jack is ready for the next step. He is driven the literal 15 minutes down the road to Brent University, where he embarks on a figurative journey into adulthood by way of highs, hangovers, unlikely friendships, and cringe-inducing sexual encounters.

Big Boys series 2 has whole gang straight into the second year of uni where alongside dealing with virginity hang-ups, drug experimentation (both legal and otherwise) and Jack’s obsession with Alison Hammond, this time round their degrees actually count for something.

Why Big Boys is Worth a Watch

Though second-hand embarrassment is pretty much unavoidable for viewers—there is a scene with some ashes which is particularly horrifying—the show balances on-the-edge crassness with moments of real poignancy.

The story depicts the blossoming of a heart-warming friendship between Jack and Danny, who at first appear to be polar opposites, but prove to bring out the best in each other. Watching the evolution of their friendship feels special as they support each other through that excruciatingly uncomfortable but necessary period of figuring out who they are.

Topics such as mental and sexual health are covered honestly and sensitively, though with plenty of humour. At points, the writing is dark and dry. However, at other times it captures pure silliness and is almost Inbetweeners-esque​​—though with a more informed, contemporary gloss.

Who Stars in the Cast

It’s easy to become invested in the lives of the two main characters, though the supporting characters shine just as bright. Olisa Odele of Chewing Gum fame plays Yemi—a queer, stylish, and ultimately much cooler twenty-something, who becomes somewhat of a mentor to Jack (he introduces him to Grindr and explains to the mechanics of taking a flattering dick pic).

Comedian Katy Wix is at her best as Jules, the wonderfully tragic student rep who gets more wasted than the students, and is responsible for many of the show's peak-cringe moments. Izuka Hoyle (The Outpost) plays the driven but somewhat uptight Corrine, who never holds back when it comes to calling out people on their bullshit, and Harriett Webb (I May Destroy You, Sandylands) is understatedly funny as the brash but endearing cousin Shannon.

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Final Words

The multi award-winning and BAFTA-nominated comedy starring is thankfully returning for another season on Channel 4. Jack Rooke's comedy about two mismatched boys who strike up an unlikely friendship when they're thrown together at university is exactly what we love in a British comedy.

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Every episode of the comedy series Big Boys is able to be watched online on the Channel 4 streaming website. This includes series 1 and 2 which can be accessed worldwide with Beebs in a couple of clicks.
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