Doctor Who has been a cornerstone of British families' TV viewing for decades.

Boosting 13 doctors since the inception of the program back in 1963.

Doctor Who is one the greatest exports of science fiction television from the UK, the story follows the adventures of a self-proclaimed Time Lord, in which his/her nickname is also called the Doctor. Although each actor who has protaited the doctor, the doctor's outward physical being is human, they are actually alien hailing from the planet, Gallifrey.

He works tirelessly to help humanity from destruction through space & time to ensure the continuation of earth. Usually picking up a fellow companion that helps him along his adventures.

Watch it on BBC iPlayer

As one of the flagship productions from the BBC, it is natural that the best place to see the most number of episodes is the BBC iPlayer.

There are 157 episodes available on the BBC's iPlayer right now. Follow the instructions below to gain access to them.

How to stream from BBC iPlayer

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    His Dark Materials.

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