Ireland will take on Scotland in the 2019 Rugby World Cup on September 22nd at 8.45am British Time in Japan but where is the best place to stream the Pool A contest.

One way to watch the stream is to connect to a UK server and enjoy the game on the UK commercial broadcaster ITV who will show all games live.

Connect to a UK server?

To be able to watch an Ireland vs Scotland stream you need to use technology that tricks the UK servers into thinking you are in Great Britain where all games at the 2019 Rugby World Cup are free-to-air. Once connected you become a de facto UK viewer and can settle down to watch all the games you want.

How’s that done?

At Beebs we use a hybrid VPN (virtual private network) which will reroute your internet connection to the UK so you can watch any Rugby World Cup match from anywhere in the world. All you need is the Google Chrome browser and a Google account. Once you install the simple extension you are just one click away

Is that legal?

Yup. VPN technology is legal all over the world. It is how journalists can file sensitive content to their newspapers away from spying governments or how businesses can transfer secret documents around the world in private and, of course, how you can watch the Ireland vs Scotland stream on ITV!