The acclaimed BBC gangland drama from the BBC will be able to be watched by British TV audiences at the latest in late 2019.

Unfortunately those people outside the UK or who are working or travelling abroad will not be able to access the 5th series of Peaky Blinders because the iPlayer only works from inside the UK.

This is because of geo-location restrictions meaning in order to watch Peaky Blinders from outside the UK you would need to unblock this measure.

How to Fix

Unblocking can be done in various ways and here are the three most common methods with pros and cons of each.


A VPN is a piece of software you install to disguise your IP address (your computer, laptop, tablet or ipad's address). The main advantage is security as your actual address is re-routed to a UK-based server allowing you to watch Peaky Blinders from outside the UK but also masking where you are actually located. The main problem with a VPN is that they can make your connection snail-pace - not great if your are using on a patchy wi-fi connection.

Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are much lighter on your wi-fi resources as they only connect to specific sites meaning less annoying buffering. There are a few free ones out there but expect them to come loaded with adverts and spam.


Here at Beebs we have developed a hybrid VPN/proxy server that comes with the security of a VPN but with the nimbleness of a proxy server. You add it to your Chrome Browser at a click of the button and within minutes you can be watching Peaky Blinders (s05) on the BBC iPlayer.

The Beebs service should never be used to bypass copyright regulations. Beebs does not promote, condone or endorse the use of the service for such purposes. For more details, please read the Beebs Terms of Service.