You Can Watch Casualty on iPlayer from Any Overseas Hospital Bed

You’ll never have to miss another episode again.

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

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The BBC medical drama Casualty is now into its 34th season, and the first 14 episodes of the latest series are already available to stream on BBC iPlayer, with another 32 episodes set to be released on a week by week basis. This article will look at how you can watch Casualty on iPlayer from any overseas hospital bed.

If you are planning to live overseas for an extended period, or already spend long periods of time on business trips abroad, you are probably looking for a solution that enables you to watch your favourite BBC sitcoms and soap operas on iPlayer from overseas?

If this is the case, hang tight, we will soon explore some options that could help ensure you never miss another episode of Casualty again!

The NHS is close to the hearts of many Britons, and the nation’s long standing obsession with the hit BBC drama Casualty, detailing the highs and lows of the medical profession, the swings and roundabouts of doctors and nurses’ emotional lives, as they juggle relationship scandals or foyer punch ups with open heart surgery ops and amputations. It speaks to our collective need for a bit of —free at the point of use— Saturday night A&E.

Access to BBC iPlayer gives you the freedom to track the nail-biting, heart-wrenching, roller coaster ride that is Casualty at any time that suits you. Watch as terror plots are foiled, as mortal enemies put aside their differences to save lives, as ambulance drivers bicker while rushing dying patients to hospital, and as doctors struggle with doctors’ stuff.

Unfortunately, as you probably know, iPlayer doesn’t like to give its content away to people outside of the UK, which brings us to the important question of: how to watch BBC iPlayer and Casualty from anywhere with an internet connection in the world? A VPN or Virtual Private Network, is a decent download option that in theory tells BBC iPlayer you are tuning in or logging on from a settee somewhere in the British Isles, even when you’re not. The trouble is many VPNs are difficult to navigate, some might be slow at streaming content, while other won’t succeed in getting through the BBC’s firewall.

Beebs… ‘Clear!’… Beebs… ‘Clear!’… Beebs…

So why not choose the most reliable option for content streaming on the market? Beebs is a Google Chrome Extension specifically designed to give license paying Brits access to British streaming services such as BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world. Simply click the button below to add Beebs to your Chrome web browser, and you will soon see that Beebs is a wonderfully simple and very effective travelling companion. Get Beebs today and enjoy a tailored service that provides unbeatable streaming for people outside the UK.

Follow these three simple steps to your favourite Casualty ward

    1. Download Chrome Browser, if you're not already using it.

    2. Install Beebs, this nifty tool redirects all your BBC requests.

    3. BBC iplayer will reload and as if by magic you’ll be able to spend your holidays abroad binging your favourite shows.

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

Simply install the Beebs extension

Get Beebs for Chrome

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