How to Watch Thirteen on iPlayer Outside of the UK

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The BBC is a much beloved institution that has been revolutionising broadcast media since its inception, and the iPlayer is a fantastic tool for sharing the BBC’s epoch defining productions. One such BBC creation is the genre making miniseries Thirteen, a spiky and intense psychological thriller that focuses on the aftermath of a 26 year old woman’s escape from 13 years of captivity in a Bristol basement.

In a little while we’ll be asking the question: how to watch Thirteen on iPlayer outside of the UK? So stay put, hold tight and soon you will be able to enjoy your favourite subversive BBC dramas from any four of the earth’s corners.

In this, the ‘golden age of television’, where big budget series are available on multiple platforms, and the expectations are so much higher than they’ve ever been, the BBC is undoubtedly a trend setter, with many of its groundbreaking, star studded, heavyweight dramas going on to be remade in other countries. While its other less widely circulated, edgier, grungier and grittier shows such as Thirteen, have not only provided a much needed space to showcase up and coming writers, directors and actors, but have also set the precedent for future television productions.

In this way, Thirteen epitomises everything the BBC can do a public service broadcaster that other broadcast media companies cannot. The five part one-off series asks what it means to be the victim of a cataclysmic, life changing trauma, and does so with compassion for the often overlooked victim.

The 2016 series follows the protagonist Ivy Moxam as she tries to adjust to normality. As someone who has been subjected to the most horrific of circumstances, spending her formative years in captivity, isolated from the world around her, watching Ivy try to piece her life together, is jarring yet moving. The tension isn’t lacking in this script driven, young audience focused, aftermath drama, and you do not want to miss out on it while it’s back on iPlayer for the next 5 months.

One option then, for those of us wishing to watch iPlayer and BBC dramas like Thirteen overseas is a VPN or Virtual Private Network, which can afford you access to iPlayer content by extending a private network over a public one. If this sounds complicated, that’s because it is!

Give it up for Beebs!

A simpler solution is Beebs, which, once downloaded, will with one click of a button give you immediate access to BBC iPlayer content. Beebs is designed specifically to enable access from overseas to BBC iPlayer. Its focus is on allowing you to stream content on BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world. It really could not be simpler, and all you need for it to work, is a Google Chrome web browser. Beebs is a Chrome add-on and simply attaches itself to your browser. Once activated it acts as a cloaking device, masking your true location, making it appear as if you are in the UK, thus enabling unlimited access to iPlayer content.

Follow these three simple steps to unlock the world of iPlayer

    1. Download Chrome Browser, if you're not already using it.

    2. Install Beebs, this nifty tool redirects all your BBC requests.

    3. BBC iPlayer will reload and the might of British broadcasting unleashed.

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

Simply install the Beebs extension

Get Beebs for Chrome

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