A strange, mysterious and terrifying personage from a far off land, with a frightfully pallid hue, teeth like a feral beast, an aversion to food, drink and mirrors, with a hypnotic charm and sophistication capable of luring countless innocents to their doom is back on the little screen. Dracula is a story we all know all too well; the blood thirsty aristocrat with a taste for Cabernet A, B, AB and O, has been revamped for the big and little screen more times than a zombie can say brains. We’ve seen it all before, or have we? Dracula, written by Bram Stoker in 1897 is this time in the trusted hands of Steven Moffat (creator of Sherlock and ex-executive producer on Dr Who), with favourite cast members like Mark Gatiss (Mycroft in Moffat’s Sherlock) on board to boot.

The series is now available to stream on BBC iPlayer, but for those of you planning a holiday in Transylvania, or an extended stay in a gothic castle in one of the many other mountainous regions of Europe, you’ll want access to iPlayer for those dark nights by the fireplace. In this article we’ll reveal a simple solution that will enable you to watch iPlayer abroad, and it’s as simple as suggesting a vampire use a parasol to block out the sun.

For those of you, somehow unfamiliar with the premise of this story, let me give you an overview. Dracula starts by introducing us to solicitor John Harker, who represents an Estate Agents in the UK, as he embarks on a journey into the unmapped hinterland of Transelvania, to meet a very wealthy and very, very old aristocrat, whose fed up with his lot in the backwaters of Eastern Europe and is trying to scout a hipper, more vivacious hunting grounds (19th Century London) to relocate to. John Harker is at first entranced by Dracula’s charm and considers the eccentric decrepit to be an affable, gracious, if somewhat old fashioned fellow, with a lot of money, in need of a little help navigating the modern world. He accepts Dracula’s offer to stay at his castle as a guest until he realises he has become Dracula’s favourite snack and prisoner. In this new adaptation of the story Moffat and Gatiss offer more gags, gore and stake wielding nuns than previous adaptations. The series remaps Dracula’s tale without a pinch of cynicism, it revels in being silly and lascivious, while classy performances from the likes of Claes Bang (The Square) as Dracula, as well as a script that was obviously a lot of fun to write, ensure that this series will be remembered along with Moffat’s other 19th Century literary adaptation, Sherlock.

‘Tell me more about this Beebs, John Harker!’

So, you’re out of the UK on a holiday, a business trip, or maybe you’re studying abroad, or being held prisoner by a blood thirsty vampire in need of help navigating the internet? Whatever your situation, you’re here because you need a way to watch Dracula on iPlayer from outside of the UK. One solution is to subscribe and download a VPN, a VPN will cloak your browsing location, making it appear as if your computer is in a country of your choosing. Sounds too good to be true? You’re right, VPNs have their drawbacks, they’re expensive, difficult to use and don’t always work on the sites you want them to.

Beebs offers guaranteed access to your favourite UK streaming sites including iPlayer. With Beebs you can watch your favourite British television from any location with an internet connection at any time of your choosing. All you need for Beebs to work is a Google Chrome web browser, and as an Add On, Beebs sits on your webpage, and when activated enables access to BBC iPlayer without any glitches or streaming setbacks.

Follow these three simple steps for eternal access to iPlayer from any foreign land

    1. Download Chrome Browser, if you're not already using it.

    2. Install Beebs, this nifty tool redirects all your BBC requests.

    3. Your iPlayer will be reborn and as the undead ye web browser shall rise.