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In the second half of 2020 a whole host of fantastic TV dramas are set to be released on the BBC and made available to stream on iPlayer, including mini-series ‘The Elephant Man’. Thankfully, for those of us located outside the UK, you’ll be pleased to hear that living overseas doesn’t mean you have to miss the best television series on iPlayer, All Four or ITV Hub. In fact, accessing any of these media players from abroad can be simple and straightforward.

Later in this article we’ll explore some of these options available to Brits presently living overseas, and help you to make a choice that works for you.

Those familiar with David Lynch’s big screen adaptation, will probably be familiar with the real life story behind the film, and know that the Elephant Man was an actual person by the name of Joseph Merrick. Merrick had severe deformities including exceptional facial abnormalities, and was shunned and ridiculed by conventional society in Victorian England. After leaving school at 13, Merrick was forced to enter the Victorian workhouse, the horrors of which he could only escape by joining a freak show. Merrick was renamed the Elephant Man by showmen and turned into a travelling exhibit; and was presented to spectators as a half-man, half-elephant hybrid.

The series, set to be released later this year, will comprise of two 90-minute episodes, directed by Richard Laxton, well known for his biographical dramas (Effie Gray, Burton & Taylor), and starring ‘Stranger Things’ a-lister Charlie Heaton. Lynch’s 1980 outing is one of the auteur’s less eccentric films, and is by all accounts a sober, compassionate feature length adaptation, that has stood the test of time. Nevertheless, like any biographical adaptation, Lynch’s Elephant Man, only focuses on so many aspects of John Merrick’s story, which suggests Laxton might explore avenues left untouched by Lynch. Laxton may opt to explore Merrick’s childhood, his unsuccessful career as a Hawker, and days at the Victorian workhouse.

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To access iPlayer, All Four and ITV Hub from outside the UK, you’ll need one of two things– a VPN or Beebs. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and works by changing your device location, from your real location to your location of choice. You can use a VPN to change your location, so that it looks like you’re in the UK, and then in theory, any one of the above mentioned media players should start to work. However VPNs have a few downsides: the good ones are expensive, they can be difficult to operate, their size means they take up space on your device, which can slow down streaming speeds, and there’s no guarantee they’ll work with iPlayer, All Four and ITV Hub.

Beebs on the other hand is easy to download, easy to operate, it’s a Google Chrome add-on, meaning it takes up next to no space on your device, and is specifically built to afford its users fast and reliable access to iPlayer, All Four and ITV Hub, which means you’ll have guaranteed access to all three media platforms, from anywhere in the world.

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Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

Simply install the Beebs extension

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