There’s a Better Way to Access BritBox Shows

Want more classic content, less hassle and unlimited access to the latest British shows? Then stay tuned and listen carefully… The answer is not BritBox.

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If you’re living outside of the UK, in the US, Canada or Australia you’re probably reading this article because you’re considering purchasing a BritBox. You’re also probably figuring out that the BritBox isn’t [all it’s cracked up to be]. Given the fantastic content they offer, BritBox has for the most part been something of a monumental flop, as its small number of subscribers proves. You can find out [why BritBox has failed to live up to expectations] in a previous article I wrote, in which I took a look at some of the problems with the service.

In this article we’re going to focus instead on some of the ways you can access your favourite BritBox shows on BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All 4, from outside of the UK.

The interesting thing about BritBox is that it offers very little beyond what’s already available on BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All 4.

BritBox vs BBC iPlayer

The BritBox contains a whole host of BBC shows from seven decades worth of content. Nevertheless it does not offer episodes of groundbreaking new dramas as they’re released on iPlayer. For that you’d have to wait awhile. Access to iPlayer means access to the latest releases of Doctor Who, His Dark Materials, Dracula, or one off series like Noughts and Crosses and the War of the Worlds. As well as access to old favourites like Spooks, Life on Mars, the Thick of It, plus many, many more.

BritBox vs ITV Hub

ITV is like the fast food of British television. Offering everything from Coronation Street, Ant & Dec and Judge Rinder to The Chase, Heartbeat and what is probably their finest show, if not the finest show in history, A Touch of Frost. Again, BritBox offers some older shows that are no longer available on ITV, but all of the above as well as live television are available on ITV Hub.

BritBox vs All 4

All 4 has an amazing and very comprehensive selection, spanning decades worth of quality dramas. The IT Crowd, Spaced, Peep Show and Father Ted to name a few. All 4 is also host to a whole range of foriegn language dramas, from French thrillers to German historical dramas. All with subtitles in English.

How to watch iPlayer, ITV Hub or All 4

So how do you access these services from outside of the UK? Well firstly, there’s always the option of buying a VPN. This is a cloaking software that makes it appear as if your streaming device is located in a country of your choosing. For example, if you’re living in Australia, with a VPN you can change your browsing location to the United Kingdom, and then in theory you can watch BBC streaming services; as long as the VPN hasn’t been blocked by iPlayer, the Hub or All 4. Although the best VPNs are usually very effective, they’re also rather pricey, and can take up large amounts of space on your laptop, phone or tablet, often slowing down your device’s streaming speed.

Beebs vs BritBox

Unlike a VPN, Beebs is specifically designed and maintained for the purpose of accessing British television content from overseas. This includes BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All 4. Beebs is cheaper than a VPN, cheaper than BritBox and as a Google Chrome Add On with great reviews, takes up next to no space on your device. You’ll get fast streaming of almost all your favourite British telly, the latest releases as well as access to live news broadcasts and children’s television.

Follow these simple steps to access your favourite British telly

    1. Download Chrome Browser, if you're not already using it.

    2. Install Beebs, this nifty tool redirects all your BBC requests.

    The BBC iPayer, ITV Hub or All 4 will reload and begin to work, and you can watch your favourite British programmes from outside the UK.

Want to watch British TV from anywhere?

Simply install the Beebs extension

Get Beebs for Chrome

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