The easiest way to watch Channel 4 from abroad is to sign-up for their new paid service ALL 4+ for £3.99 per month.

It allows any UK resident to watch the Channel 4 services when travelling abroad (though there is certain content not available which is listed on their website) with their unique selling point being all content is advert-free.

A warning on their website suggests watching from abroad will not be allowed after Brexit. Both Channel 4 and ITV have had to allow people to view content from abroad if they purchase a paid subscription plan because of a little publicised EU regulation which came into force in April 2018.

However, it is required for you to be a current UK resident merely on holiday.

Other ways to watch Channel 4 when abroad

As Channel 4 is geo-blocked (meaning you can only access its free version ALL 4 from the UK) the way to watch it is to use a service which makes it look like you are in the UK.

a) Use a VPN.

A VPN or virtual private network reroutes your internet connection through a server usually based in another country. So using VPN software you can appear to be in the UK when trying to access Channel 4 from abroad on holiday or business.

The advantage of this is that not only can you watch Channel 4 but also BBC iPlayer and ITV - any online TV service that requires you to be UK-based.

The downside to installing VPN software is the need to be slightly technical to solve problems if things go wrong as well as your whole internet connection can be slowed down markedly.

b) Use a proxy server

The name is enough to send shivers down the spine of any non-technical person. It shouldn't really. Most people now what a proxy vote is - it's when someone else votes for you. A proxy server just tells another server that you are based in a different country.

Find the right one and you will be able to tune into Channel 4 no problem. Free proxy servers used to be more ubiquitous but are much harder to find these days and tend to be limited in the amount of content you can consume.

c) Use a Google Chrome Extension

Want to access your favourite British shows abroad?

Simply Install the Beebs Extension

Get Beebs for Chrome

Chrome extensions were developed to give users a personalised web experience. Mostly free, the most popular one is AdBlock Plus (which blocks out adverts) but there are hundreds of useful (and not so useful) extensions to choose from.

They sit quietly in your browser and are accessible with a single click.

At Beebs we have developed such a Chrome Extension giving you instant access to Channel 4 and all the UK geoblocked sites. It’s fast, lightweight and easy to install.

Follow these simple steps to Channel 4 while abroad

    1. Download Chrome Browser, if you're not already using it.

    2. Install Beebs, this nifty tool redirects all your Channel 4 requests.

    3. Channel 4 will reload and begin to work.