One of the most annoying problems for TV viewers in the Republic of Ireland is their inability to watch and make use of the UK's BBC iPlayer.

The catch-up service, access to news programmes, the 'watch from start' feature and some great drama are examples of what people living in the Ireland miss because they can't watch the BBC iPlayer.

True, many people can access the BBC channels through their satellite and cable providers - but being unable to watch programmes on catch up is frustrating especially if all you want to do is watch a few episodes of Eastenders you missed (through no fault of your own!) or the first episode of that new drama everyone at work was talking about.

So, how can you access the BBC iPlayer from Ireland?

There are probably just three options:

1) VPN (Virtual Private Network)

There are a few solutions. By far and away the most popular is a VPN - a virtual private network. Once up and running, a VPN solves the problem of not being able to connect to the iPlayer as it will appear that you are UK-based.

You may need a bit of technical knowledge to use a VPN if things go wrong once you have downloaded the software. If you know how to switch between "L2TP Protocol and Open VPN over UDP53" or whether you should "connect through the SmartDNS server" then you should have no problems at all. You will be back to watching catch-up from Ireland on the BBC in no time at all. If not then you may need something else.

2) Proxy Server

Another option would be to find a proxy server which is similar to a VPN but much more lightweight. If you just need to watch iPlayer for a short time, this could be the best option. It's not the right tool if you want to binge watch BBC's latest drama smash His Dark Materials as there is usually a limit on the bandwidth you can use with any free version.

3) Beebs - a Google Chrome Extension

Here at Beebs we have developed another option for you. It is a one- touch tool - a simple Google Chrome Extension - to help you access BBC iPlayer from Ireland or indeed anywhere in the world!

Once installed, you click on the extension icon and are connected to a server located in the UK and are able to easily view iPlayer or other UK geoblocked channels.

    1. Download Chrome Browser, if you're not already using it.

    2. Install Beebs, this nifty tool redirects all your BBC requests.

    3. The BBC iPlayer will reload and begin to work from Ireland.