The BBC iPlayer is the UK version of Australia's ABC iview. Just as people in the UK cannot watch iview, it is not usually possible to watch the BBC iPlayer from Australia.

Help is at hand because there are a few ways of watching the BBC iPlayer if you are living, working or just travelling in Australia.

There are different ways but they all need to do one thing in common - they need to spoof your IP address so it looks like you are on a computer in the UK.

Below are the three most common methods for accessing the BBC iPlayer from Australia (or anywhere in the world).


The acronym for virtual private network. Originally used so staff in international companies could communicate in private from locations around the world to avoid spying from their competitors. But they also let you spoof your IP address by connecting to servers in the country you want to reach.

Proxy Server

In terms of being able to change your IP address a proxy server is a server that acts as a go-between for requests from clients (in this case, you) seeking resources from other servers (the BBC).

Beebs - A Google Chrome Extension.

Chrome extensions are tools that are added to your browser to enhance the user's experience. The most common are Adblock, Adblockplus and productivity tool. Here at Beebs we have a lightweight extension with a built-in proxy server which in one click will have anybody in Australia watching BBC iPlayer in an instant.

The Beebs service should never be used to bypass copyright regulations. Beebs does not promote, condone or endorse the use of the service for such purposes. For more details, please read the Beebs Terms of Service.

Follow these simple steps to watch BBC iPlayer from Australia

    1. Download Chrome Browser, if you're not already using it.

    2. Install Beebs, this nifty tool redirects all your BBC requests.

    3. The BBC iPlayer will reload and begin to work from Australia.